Gospel and Homily

Gospel and Homily

Gospel and Homily
  • June 13, 2024 Homily | Fr. Luke Fletcher, CFR.

    Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher's Homily from The 107th Anniversary of the Second Apparition of Fatima from The Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.

  • May 13, 2024 Homily | Bishop Joseph Perry- Reflecting on Fatima: A Century Later

    Join Bishop Joseph Perry as he honors the 107th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima's apparition. This speech will highlight the historical context, address the moral decline since then, and emphasize the ongoing need for prayer and reflection on current societal issues.

  • Embracing Our Role as Bearers of God's Light

    This homily reflects on the feast of Epiphany, highlighting the call for believers to be the modern-day stars that lead others to Christ. It emphasizes the importance of prayer, living a life pleasing to God, and offering ourselves as witnesses to the world's darkness, so that through our light, ...

  • Embracing the Light of Christ

    In this homily by Fr. Luke, we're reminded of John the Baptist's role as a joyful herald of Christ's coming. Fr. Luke emphasizes the joy that comes from knowing Christ and encourages us to be like "extension cords" of His light, bringing it into the darkness of the world. He challenges us to embr...

  • The Power of Hearing: Faith in Action

    Join Father Luke as he unpacks the profound connection between hearing, faith, and action, drawing from Saint Paul's teachings in Romans to illuminate the transformative role of hearing in our spiritual lives. Discover how active listening and belief form the foundation of our relationship with G...

  • The Art of Waiting

    In this impactful homily, Father John explores the virtue of patient waiting through the stories of Simeon, Anna, and Abraham. By drawing parallels between these biblical figures and our daily lives, Father John encourages listeners to embrace waiting as an opportunity for spiritual growth. He em...

  • Anticipating Christmas

    Father Luke's heartfelt homily on the 2nd Sunday of Advent resonates with the joy of Christmas anticipation and the call for spiritual preparation. Join him as he weaves personal memories with insightful reflections, reminding us that amidst the holiday festivities, Jesus is the true reason for t...

  • Watch and Prepare

    Father Luke Fletcher delivers a heartfelt Sunday Mass homily at the Blue Army Shrine, emphasizing the importance of being watchful and alert in our spiritual lives. The homily unfolds with reflections on the season, the yearning for God's presence, and a unique Christmas decoration initiative at ...

  • A Tale from Crib to Cross to Crown

    In this Sunday's homily, Father Luke delves into the meaningful journey from Christ's humble birth to sacrificial death and ultimate reign as King. Emphasizing the simplicity of God's judgment based on love, he invites the faithful to embrace relationships built on kindness, forgiveness, and care...

  • Ready for Love

    Join Fr. Luke Fletcher, CFR. in a heartwarming homily about being prepared for life's ultimate encounter. Using the story of the ten virgins, Fr. Luke brings ancient wisdom to our modern lives, urging us to stay ready for the grand celebration with Jesus. With a sprinkle of humor and personal sto...

  • Love God, Love Neighbor: Embracing Life's Greatest Commandment

    Fr. Luke Fletcher, CFR, shares an inspiring homily on the inseparable connection of loving God and neighbor. Through captivating stories and reflections on life's brevity, he encourages listeners to live each day with a profound love, preparing for the ultimate encounter with God's light. Dive in...

  • The Humble Gate: Unveiling the Wisdom of Immaculate Heart

    Join Fr. Jeffrey Couture in this enlightening homily as he delves into the profound teachings of humility found in the gospel. Celebrating the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Father Jeffrey explores the connection between humility and charity, emphasizing how true growth in wisdom comes from recognizin...

  • Meeting a Saint and Praying for Peace

    In this inspiring homily by Fr. Luke Fletcher CFR. shares his personal encounters with Saint Pope John Paul II, highlighting the saint's profound teachings on the value of every human being made in God's image. Fr. Luke emphasizes the urgent need for prayer to bring about peace in today's world. ...

  • Embracing Hope: Victory, Faith, and Prayer - October 13, 2023

    Join Fr. Luke Fletcher, CFR at the Blue Army Shrine as he delivers an inspiring homily. In this moving address, Fr. Luke emphasizes the message of hope, faith, and prayer as we gather at this sacred place. He reflects on the triumph over evil, the power of prayer, and our role in God's victory. A...

  • Journey to Eternity - October 15, 2023

    Be inspired homily by Fr. Luke Fletcher, CFR, as he illuminates the path to eternity and the crucial choice between heaven and hell. Discover the true essence of our existence and the divine invitation to a heavenly union.

  • Father Luke's Message of Hope

    Relive the inspiring homily of Fr. Luke Fletcher, CFR. as he guides us on a journey of faith. Discover how to find hope and purpose even in the midst of life's greatest challenges.

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